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Retention Management And Metrics

FirstDays New Hire Survey System

With FirstDays, companies can easily conduct New Hire Surveys to help minimize turnover during employees' first year of employment.

FirstDays Improves New Hire Retention Modeled after Nobscot's award winning WebExit, FirstDays is a comprehensive online employee survey system designed specifically for new hire surveying. The system comes complete with customizable pre-configured questionnaires that can be administered on any schedule (eg 45, 60, 90 days).

To view Nobscot's FirstDays Demo click here Request FirstDays Demo.

Questions delve into such issues as:
  • whether the job matches the employee’s expectations
  • workload manageability
  • co-worker welcomeness and support
  • quality and quantity of training
  • supervisor encouragement
  • clarity of corporate goals
  • perceived professional growth opportunities.
FirstDays Improves Quality of Hiring Process Quality of Hire Surveys

In addition to surveying New Hires, FirstDays allows for surveying new employees' supervisors to gauge the quality of the hire. Quality of Hire surveys help organizations quickly gauge the effectiveness of the recruiting process plus receive crucial information for short and long term workforce planning.

Easy-to-Read Charts and Graphs

With FirstDays, comprehensive real-time reporting is available any time day or night. Simply point and click to create easy-to-read charts and graphs that aggregate survey responses and present findings by department, division, gender, race, age or any other parameter.

Identify Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses

FirstDays reports help companies:
  • identify both individual and systemic problems
  • reveal weaknesses in training and recruiting processes
  • flag high potential employees at an early stage
  • pinpoint management shortcomings in onboarding new employees
  • provide other information to help improve hiring procedures and overall retention rates.
To learn more about how you can automate your New Hire Surveys with FirstDays, contact a Nobscot representative by calling (888) 662-7444 or sign-up for an online demo by clicking here: FirstDays New Hire Demo or emailing at

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