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Save money with Nobscot Exit Interviews
Use the form below to calculate your first year of savings when you use Nobscot's exit interview system to improve your employee retention and reduce turnover. When fully implementing Exit interviews, you can expect a reduction in turnover of between 3-7% annually. We guarantee a 1% reduction in your turnover after the first year. See our service guarantee for details.
Nobscot Savings Calculator
Enter Data Results
  Number of Employees in company:
  Current Number of terminating employees per month:
  Estimated Cost per employee termination¹:
  Estimated Retention Improvement Using Nobscot:
  Your Current Annual Turnover Ratio = 0.0%  
  Improved Turnover Ratio Estimate = 0.0%  
  U.S. National Turnover Rate² = 16.4%  
  Employee Savings =
(number of additional employees retained)
  Your Dollar Savings = $0.00  
¹ National average cost per terminating employee is often cited as 25% of the terminating employee's annual salary. For example, if the average salary of all terminating employees is $20,000.00/year, then the average cost to the company per employee would be $5,000.00/year (.25 x $20,000.00=5,000.00).
² U.S. National Turnover Rate for all U.S. job categories for 2010, not seasonally adjusted, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For more information on Nobscot Exit Interviews, click here:  Exit Interviews

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