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Nobscot Corporation Privacy Policy

As an extension to your Human Resources Division, Nobscot Corporation holds your exit interview data with the highest degree of confidentiality and privacy. The following information outlines our corporate privacy policy.

  1. Nobscot Corporation holds and stores confidential information on client companies and organizations, terminating employees and satisfaction ratings and comments.
  2. Nobscot Corporation and its employees will not disclose any information received through the clients use of Nobscot’s WebExitTM or any other Nobscot product or service about a clients’ organizational structure, employee turnover data or exit interview ratings and comments, which references or identifies a specific client, to other third parties without consent, except for the following limited purposes:
    1. We are compelled to do so by law or by an order of a court or governmental authority.
    2. In order to cooperate with law enforcement authorities or governmental regulatory bodies.
    3. As necessary to complete a transaction for you.
    4. As we deem necessary to protect the rights, safety or property of Nobscot Corporation, our users or others or to enforce our terms of use agreement or privacy policy.
  3. Nobscot Corporation and its employees will not identify a specific client in any communication oral or written regarding exit interview rating results, internal trends, employee comments or incidents, without consent, but may from time to time relate such information without identifying the client by name or inference.
  4. Aggregate Data. As part of Nobscot’s services, Nobscot will aggregate statistical data from each client account and provide the aggregated data as benchmark statistics. Nobscot may sell or publish aggregate data but may not identify the data with any individual client.
  5. Client Lists. Nobscot does maintain and may, at its discretion, publish this list in whole or in part on the Nobscot web site and/or in marketing materials for prospective clients and media. A client may elect to be not included in the client list by providing a request in writing to Nobscot Corporation.
  6. Nobscot may discuss orally or in writing specific incidences of how Nobscot products or services helped improve a client’s employee retention, reduce turnover or minimize risks but Nobscot or its employees may not, without consent, identify the name of the company/organization or individuals involved.
  7. Nobscot will, upon written request, provide a copy of the data stored in a client’s Nobscot account but will only release this data to a verified, authorized client representative.
  8. Upon termination or sale of Nobscot Corporation, Nobscot will provide each currently active client with a copy of the data that pertains to their client account.
  9. All Nobscot Corporation employees receive a copy of this Privacy policy and are required to follow all of the items listed in this policy. Any employee that knowingly violates this privacy policy will be disciplined up to and including termination.
  10. Nobscot Corporation may, from time to time, amend this Privacy policy. If the policy is amended, the new policy will be provided to each active Nobscot Corporation and posted on the Nobscot web site.
  Revised September 27, 2001.

Privacy Policy Changes

Nobscot Corporation may amend this policy from time to time. Changes to this policy will be reflected in the privacy document on the Nobscot corporate web site at

For More Information

For more information on any of these policies please contact Nobscot Corporation.
Phone:(888) 662-7444
Address:Nobscot Corporation
460 Dune Circle
Kailua, HI 96734

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